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Who in the world is John Franklin?

The biggest thing to know about me is that it's just me.  I've done just about every job you might imagine within the field of church planting, from design to implementation, to blood, sweat, and tears.  I've trained and mentored some incredible, salt-of-the-earth clergy and laymen over the years, and have been honored to plant five churches, and to lead my current church to solidify its footing as a fresh church plant and head strong into the future.

I write books, curricula, and music that we use in our church and ministry, I married the only woman to ever hold my heart... my very best friend... and I get to work with her on our staff as well as in conferences and retreats.

If you do an internet search for me, you'll find some guy who was wounded at the Battle of New Orleans, or a preacher with a big afro hair-do... I'm neither of those guys.

I'm just a guy who grows Christians, grows churches, and teaches others how to ride that trail.

If you're lookin' for someone like that, then you found me.  I lead the occasional conference and sing the occasional concert, and I dig getting to travel around and invest the grace of Christ into groups and individuals.

In the end, I'm just a simple pastor, and I'm glad you happened upon my life.  The trail's a good one, there's plenty of action along the way, and you're welcomed to ride along.