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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving as it Swirls About My Feet and Climbs Upon My Shoulders

Sweet rolls for breakfast, strong black coffee, way too much snacking, and a little target practice with the b-b gun out back... now that's a relaxing mornin'. Today I woke up amidst the pines of East Texas and strode downstairs to the beautiful aromas of strong black coffee and the smiles of my children... a kiss from Penny and life was once again in balance for a new day!

It is the little blessings of God's providence which speak the loudest to me these days. The feast is the late-comer to a party already celebrated in the eyes of my wife and children. My heart is full before my stomach begins to smile at the yummy smells of the day. Mine is the life I dreamt of when just a boy, and for that I am beyond thankful, indeed I am simply drawn to a place of quiet amazement as the providential blessings of God spin around me in an orchestrated cacophony of life. I am blessed to pastor both my family and my church, and to hear the voices of my children ask questions and reveal the praises of the God who made us. I am blessed with a fellowship which would seek the simple profundity of the Word of God with me before the spectacular emotionalism of the world. I am blessed with a woman who loves me completely and looks bravely with me into the future of a life ordained for sacrifice. Through the natural accounting of pain and blessing, often intermingled, I find myself in awe that the Almighty might allow me such a life as this.

Well, the turkey's almost ready, and my children would rather their Daddy be off the computer... and I hope they always do!

May our hearts take note of the favorable providence of God, as did our forefathers who landed at Plymouth; and may our hearts find gleeful camaraderie with the cranberry sauce and apple pie!

Pax Christi ad Nobis!