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Stuff I've Written that You Might Want to Buy

I've written several books and curricula, and my first one is in the process of possibly getting published (if you've ever walked that road, then you know my pain).  If you want, I'd be happy to get you hooked up with whatever looks interesting to you.  Again, I'm not famous, just in it to win it and tryin' to get it done!

The ideas, titles, contents, and processes are copyrighted, but if you can't afford to buy it, contact me and I'll see if I can't hook you up on the cheap.  E-mail: revfranklin@me(dot)com

What Do We Believe?
A walk through the most ancient, conservative teachings of the Christian faith.

The Nativity Series
A series of children's Christmas books which tell the story of the Nativity from the perspective of the characters, animals, and people who attended.

Featured Series:
INTIMATE: A Walk through the Song of Solomon
In this series, Pastor John teaches us the key principles of love as they are laid out in this most explicit of Biblical books.  This series is highly recommended for adults who are dating, married, or engaged.

Have you ever wondered where all these Fall holidays gained their beginnings?  In HOLY DAYS, Pastor John walks us through each one as we race toward Christmas and even beyond!

In this series, Pastor John teaches us the clear, bedrock teachings of Christianity as we follow the outline of the oldest conservative statement of faith known to Christendom.

THE WHY QUESTION: A Walk through the Book of Job
In THE WHY QUESTION, Pastor John takes us on a step by step exposition of one of the toughest, most frustrating books in all the Bible, the book of JOB.  Both the tough issues and the simple truths are tackled head-on in this enlightening series.

Have you ever wished you could get the basics of Bible College in just a few weeks?  In HOW TO READ THE BIBLE, Pastor John teaches us the basic principles of correctly interpreting and applying God's Word into our daily, real-time, living.

The Creed for Kids
A twelve month Sunday School curricula for children (with a Special Toddler's Edition), teaching kids the basics of the Christian faith through the most ancient conservative summation of Christian belief, the Old Roman Creed.

Books 1 & 2
Man stories is a two book curricula which takes the manly stories of Scripture, the military history of man, and ties them together in the Grace of Jesus Christ.

An examination of the Fruit of the Spirit with the collaborative efforts of retired sergeants from the US ARMY, MARINE CORPS, and AIR FORCE.  Each fruit/spiritual discipline is examined from the military perspective of military operational objectivity by 1SGT Pickard and MSGT Dowell as well as from the theological perspective by Pastor John.

Other Stuff
Bringing the Peace of Christ Home!
takes the common holidays of the calendar, and provides kits and instructions for bringing Christian practice, love, and family unity into individual homes and neighborhoods.

The Barefoot Project
A Live Worship Concert we recorded several years ago.  It's all original, it mostly live, and gets the occasional rave review from concert goers!